Spring Reminders

Now that the weather in Rochester is transitioning into Spring (despite this weekend’s forecast of snow) there are just a few reminders to pass along.

  1. Spring and windstorms typically go hand-in-hand in Rochester.  If high winds are forecast for your waste pickup day, we ask that you place your garbage and recycle totes at the curb as close to your scheduled pickup as possible.  Not only does this reduce the threat of an unsightly scene and time spent cleaning up, but prevents loose trash from ending up in our wooded areas and ponds, posing a problem for our birds, fish and other wildlife.
  2. Spring cleanup is well underway for many.  When placing brush or leaves at the road to be picked up, everything must remain on your lawn.  Town code mandates that the roadway, concrete gutters and storm drains remain free of debris.  More information can be found in the town newsletter here.

Thank you for making Wellington a great place to live.