2021 Annual Meeting

2021 Annual Meeting
Again this year, in light of COVID-19, we will not host a traditional, in person, annual meeting. Instead, we will publish updates to the website and encourage community members to ask the board questions using the ‘contact us’ function on the website. We will update this post with community questions and answers. We wish everyone the best during this challenging time.

Note from Acting President – Jim Newton

Thank you all Home Owners who share the passion and concerns for the value of our properties in Wellington.  The Board is made up of strictly of volunteer homeowners that contribute their time and efforts. We would like to welcome our newest board member – Jerome Ward – welcome aboard. Volunteers are always welcome and needed to help take care of the neighborhood.  The Board does its best to interpret and enforce the by- Laws and Covenants, maintain common areas, ponds and Welcoming new neighbors, within our budget. Some issues not covered in our by-laws and covenants are asked to be directed to the Town of Chili.

Pond Update – Board Member Joel Chastek
For new members please review the 2020 Annual Meeting Report for a background history of our pond program and challenges.

Last year we could not secure a permit to treat pond 2 due to the previous applicator dropping out in the middle of the permit process. By the time we found a new applicator, it was too late for effective treatments. Over the winter, we secured a new pond management company. They secured the proper permits from the DEC and first treatments were done May 25th. Our new vendor offers complete pond management in treatment of aquatic weeds, pond aeration, and suggestions for pond improvements.

Pond 1 – Deck Pond

Due to the shallow nature of this pond, weed control is a challenge. The Board is looking into dredging companies for pricing on making this pond deeper and reducing long term costs of treatments. Our new vendor commented that with the lack of depth and 30 years of sediment, he may have a difficult time keeping the pond clear of growth. The pond was treated and the applicant will return for a follow up and asses the effectiveness of the treatment. This has been the same challenge for all previous companies. The water level has been raised which seemed to help in some reduction of weed growth.

Pond 2 – Large Pond

The pond responded well to its first treatment. The applicant is hoping not to have to treat again this year. The banks around the pond in some areas are in need of repair. The Board will look into getting costs for repair. The water level has been raised trying to reduce the fluctuation to reduce erosion.

Pond 3 – White Oak Bend

On visiting the pond, the applicant said the pond is in good shape. He recommended a natural pond bacteria for this season. If problems develop, he will treat as needed.

Other information

All three ponds will be dyed with a food grade product which helps prevent sunlight from reaching the bottom of the ponds.
The signs posted after treatment are for 24 hour notice. The restriction is for no swimming.
The fountain motors were both rebuilt over the winter.
We would like to thank a Wellington homeowner for helping rebuild the aeration system in the three ponds, saving the association service calls.
We would like to thank a Wellington homeowner for stewardship in reporting concern and helping keep people safe dealing with the ponds. Please remind your household to stay off the ponds in the winter as the ice is unsafe.

Our long term goal is to reduce the cost of pond maintenance while improving the aesthetics and enjoyment for our residents. We are off to a great start for 2021.

Financial Update – Treasurer Devon Christopher
The latest balance sheet has been published to the website.
Please click here to download the document.

Common areas – Vice President David Simpson
Harvesting of trees between Cornwall Crossing and Toni Terrace, Approximately 30 trees removed.  Please be careful to remove any grass clippings that wind up on the street. The storm drains in our neighborhood are directly connected to the ponds. The grass clippings serve as nutrients for algae. Cleaning up grass clippings will increase the success of our treatment program and will save us from added expenses.  Common area mowing is running smoothly. Board will work on issues as they arise.

General Announcements & Comments
The annual garage sale was a success this year – Thank you Kim Buonomo.
We have a volunteer that has offered to operate a RC boat on pond 3 to control geese. This has been successful in controlling the geese on this pond. If there are any residents who would like to volunteer to operate an RC boat on pond 1 or 2, please let us know using the ‘contact us’ link on the website.

Restrictive Covenant 10.12 is still being enforced. Reasonable time for trash containers to be left outside is 1 day before and 1 day after scheduled pick-up.

In the past, we had a beatification committee. This group has lost momentum and we are looking for new members. If you would like to help out, please send us a message using the ‘contact us’ link on the website.  Common Area property assessment was increased the Town of Chili.

The board and residents are appreciative to those who have volunteered their time, talent and resources to make this a better community. We are aware of some of the volunteers, but it is impossible to know everyone who helped. If you are aware of any others, please let the board know so that we can give proper acknowledgement.

  • Kim Buonomo – Annual garage sale
  • Jodi LaRose – Holiday entrance wreaths
  • Joel Chastek – Joel has contributed a considerable amount of time to set up a new pond treatment program. Joel has manually raked the ponds for algae and sets up the geese barrier fence.
  • Carl Stafford – Pond maintenance including rebuilding the air pumps. Carl has worked with Joel out on the skiff raking and clearing fountains.
  • Residents who have contributed additional funds for pond treatments outside of normal dues